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Master Healer | Amplifier | Anxiety Relief

Healing Bracelet | Clear Quartz | Morganite

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  • Description
  • | Clear Quartz | Morganite |

    The bracelet is help to  clean up the negative energy ,and relief the stress .To drown out any noise from the outside world to create a pathway to your goals and to turn them into a reality in the mind’s eye.

    | Beads Size |

    Clear Quartz 8mm

    Morganite 5mm

  • About Care
    1. Avoid contact with chemicals, any liquids and moisture, including when bathing and exercise. Please remember to wipe off if it touch anything mentioned.
    2. In order to maintain the maximum effect of the crystal, please put the crystal jewlery into the cleanse box after each use, and leave it for at least one night.
    3. When you are not wearing the crystal jewlery, please put the jewleryt in the anti-tarnish zipper bag , and put it in the special energy protection bag we provided .
  • Product Details
  • Accessories material: 14k Gold Filled Copper

    Band Type :  Stand Bead String Wire

    Wrist Size : Adjustable Toggle, One Size Fit All Wrist