About Our Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packing

  • As simple as we can .

All orders are thoughtfully packaged and well protected in an eco-friendly box, and keep the whole packing as simple as we can . Multiple orders are packaged in the same box . 

  • We try our best to use recyclable material for our packing. 

All of our packaging bag , wrap ,even tape are compostable . We want to reduce the damage for the earth as mush as we can .


Gift Set Packing

Bracelet Gift Set

What is included : Delicate jewelry box with biscuit suede inner | 100g crushed clear quartz for bracelet energy cleanse | Care Set ( Energy protect jewelry bag , Ani-tarnish zip bag )

With your gift set , we will put it in a gift box and separate from your other orders . (If you also order other products at the same time)  

For the set , we use better material for the package , because we want to encourage you to reuse it . For example , you could turn our jewlerly box into energy cleanse box , and put bracelet on it .